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Workplace FactFinders

We fill the service gap between business leaders, legal professionals and HR teams.

Workplace FactFinders Creates a Niche for the Management of Business Risk

Workplace FactFinders is a 100% woman-owned private investigation and corporate consulting firm.  We were created to assist companies, public entities, and financial institutions in identifying areas of internal risk and providing informed resolutions.   Our work is governed by the strictest adherence to legal and ethical standards and to our corporate values, which are to respect, engage, and excel

Collectively, the Co-Founders of Workplace FactFinders possess over 35 years of experience investigating and consulting on a variety of internal issues, including, but not limited to, employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims, fraud and whistleblower cases, protection of intellectual property, due diligence and background investigations, general employment compliance, and litigation support.

Workplace FactFinders is distinguishable from other investigative and consulting firms because our concept is unique.  We do not conform to a specific business category because we created our own. Workplace FactFinders fills the service gap between a company’s business leaders, legal professionals, and human resources teams.  We are an independent resource whose rare combination of skill sets, experience, imagination, and perseverance can be utilized throughout all areas of an organization to shore up areas of concern.  Workplace FactFinders supplements the internal needs of organizations with the goal of transmuting the reduction of risk into a cost savings. 

Companies face risk from various external sources such as competitors, regulations, or activist shareholders.  Internal risk can be just as damaging, but, fortunately, companies have the opportunity of mitigating their exposure through identifying issues and remedying them.  Workplace FactFinders is exceptionally positioned to provide that assistance in a respectful, collaborative, and insightful manner. The promise we make to our clients is that we talk truth-to-power, we only perform services for which we are qualified, and we provide expeditious and competitively priced deliverables. Our goal is to be your trusted partner, not a one-off vendor.

We welcome the opportunity to show you the positive impact that Workplace FactFinders can make on your organization. 




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If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.
— Tony Robbins

Core Services

Employment Investigations

  • Title VII Investigations (including discrimination, harassment, and retaliation)
  • FMLA, FLSA, ADA, HIPAA, OSHA investigations
  • State and Local employment regulations
  • Ethics standards review, including investigating whistleblower cases
  • Fraud
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Pre-employment background screening

protection of intellectual property

  • Trademark, copyright, and patent investigations
  • Chain of title investigations
  • IP litigation support including witness interviews
  • Trade secret misappropriation investigations
  • Supplier and vendor integrity investigations

employment compliance legal support services

  • Management of employee hotlines
  • Audit of company policies and procedures and general employment compliance
  • Training on harassment, discrimination, retaliation, how to conduct internal investigations and other HR topics
  • Review or preparation of Employee handbooks
  • Facilitation of focus groups and other data collection and fact-finding projects
  • Employee and vendor background checks, including credit checks where necessary

aml/bsa investigations for financial institutions

  • Know-your-customer investigations
  • Enhanced due diligence investigations
  • National coverage and partial international coverage (please call for countries)

Due diligence and c-suite background investigations

  • Investigative due diligence to supplement financial due diligence in anticipation of a merger or acquisition
  • Background investigations on potential C-Suite Executives and Board Members

The type of information reviewed includes:

  • Assessment and reporting of a subject’s assets to the extent available in the public record
  • Litigation history
  • Financial records such as UCC filings, tax liens, and bankruptcies
  • Intellectual property registrations
  • Real property ownership
  • Press and social media

Workplace FactFinders uses Box Governance for content storage, file sharing and regulatory compliance.