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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Workplace FactFinders when I have an HR staff?


My attorney can handle this.  Why would I need a third party?


I am concerned about expenses.  Why do I need to add this cost on top of my legal fees, and paying my HR staff?


HR professionals are often put in an undesirable position when asked to conduct an internal investigation, especially when members of management are implicated.  Employees generally see HR as a representative arm of management, so it is difficult for HR to gain trust as a neutral party when interviewing employees as witnesses. This causes suspicion among employees and can result in incomplete or distorted facts.  Furthermore, in small to medium-sized companies, HR professionals wear many hats and may not be well-versed on laws, regulations or other legal pitfalls that face companies today.  Workplace FactFinders specializes in internal investigation and research, and are continuously monitoring the labor legal landscape.

Legal advice is critical to resolving employment issues.  However, most clients do not have unlimited budgets to pay a law firm to conduct every aspect of an investigation.  Moreover, many law firms decline to conduct an investigation, as there is a danger that its personnel could be called as a witnesses, leading to a potential loss of attorney-client privilege.

Workplace FactFinders coordinates with your counsel to avoid these issues.  Our investigators posses extensive experience in conducting employment investigations, are law school graduates or paralegals, and have testified in court. Workplace FactFinders tailors investigations to your strategic and cost requirements.  The services provided by Workplace FactFinders are customized to advance the legal strategy of each client, in association with counsel, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

According to a 2014 study by specialty insurer Hiscox, 12 % of U.S. small to medium-sized businesses will face an employment lawsuit.  In some states, that figure is far greater.  In California, for example, 40% of companies will litigate an employee lawsuit. Furthermore, the Hiscox study reported that the average cost to defend an employee lawsuit is $125,000 and the median judgment for those cases that actually go to trial is $200,000.

Judicial holdings substantiate that the best defense against litigation costs is through training, timely and thorough investigations, and clearly defined and communicated employment policies. Workplace FactFinders bridges the gap between attorneys and human resource personnel to present a coordinated and cost-effective defense to employee lawsuits; in fact, our assistance in mitigating this litigation risk may be evaluated as a cost-saving measure, rather than an expense.

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