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Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those doing it.
— Chinese Proverb
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American Horror Story: Workplace Bullying

Have you ever been bullied?  Be honest.  If so, was it in school?  Do you recall that shiver of dread during recess, or on the bus, or walking home? The horror writer, Stephen King, masterfully describes the childhood experiences of being bullied in many of his novels.  Pig’s blood at prom, anyone?  How about a group of bullied teenagers who form a group called The Losers Club to confront a scary clown?

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Navigating the Holidays: How to Handle Religion in a Diverse Workplace

It can be a sticky situation as companies struggle to decide if, for example, a menorah should be lit, a Christmas tree put up, or a Kwanzaa candelabra displayed. Instituting clear, unbiased policies and enforcing them consistently will assist your human resources staff in not losing their minds during the holidays.

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