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Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those doing it.
— Chinese Proverb

Diverting Disaster: How Reporting Culture Can Deter Workplace Violence

Reluctance to report a workplace problem or ignoring a problem--hoping that it will go away--is never a good idea.  The importance of a supportive workplace culture where people are free to report is integral to avoiding crises. Company policies need to be flexible enough that an employee feels safe reporting an issue--for their own well-being as well as those they are reporting about.

Malleable policies are those that leave room for judgment based on circumstances.  These types of policies are much better than rigid “zero tolerance” policies in creating an atmosphere where reporting is encouraged.

Dr. Park Dietz, renown expert on workplace violence, believes in taking a comprehensive approach to problem-solving in the workplace. In his article Do No Harm:  Profiling Evil and Violence in the Workplace, Dr. Dietz lays out signs that may indicate potential violence, current law on the issue and how a comprehensive approach is the best way to address potential workplace violence.  We hope you enjoy his article.

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